Production capacities
3 and 4 axis milling
5 axis milling
Human team
Quality control
Manual operations

3 MAZAKlathes: maximum diameter Ø350 mm, double spindle, Y axis, motorized tools and advance bars.

Torno Mori Seiki NLX 2500lathes: maximum diameter Ø350 mm, double spindle, Y axis, motorized tools and advance bars.

Multi-function Mori Seiki NTX 2000&nbsplathe: double spindle, bottom turret, 86 tools equipped with Halter automation. Up to 450 mm in diameter.

Air-conditioned clean room equipped with: Haimerbalancing tools, Haimer shrink fit, presetting of Zoller tools and stock management Tool 24 de Hoffmann.

FASTEMS FMS flexible manufacturing cell with 24 pallets and 2 horizontal Makino a61nx centres. 400-tool store.
400-tool store. Maximum dimensions: 700x700x800 mm.

Two Mazak VTC 300 vertical machining centers with integrated 4th axis.
Maximum dimensions: 1760x560x660 mm.

2 MazaK VARIAXIS 630 vertical machining centres with double pallet.
Maximum dimensions: 700x630x510 mm.

High speed vertical machining centre with integrated 4th and 5th axes equipped with Fanuc automation for small-sized components.
Maximum dimensions. 600x300x350 mm.

High-precision Makino DA300 vertical machining centre with integrated flexible EROWA 55 pallet manufacturing cell.
Maximum dimensions. 400x600x400 mm.

CAD/CAM systems
NX Siemens, Virtual Gibbs
Jannus tool management system Janus Engineering

Our workforce is formed by 39 persons. We consider that personalised training, adapted to each person and work position, is vital for us to be able to carry out our work successfully. We thus ensure that the worker grows personally and professionally and that the company "as a whole" benefits.

Clean room with temperature and humidity control. Equipped with 3 Zeiss coordinate measuring machines: Calypso measuring system Maximum dimensions: 1800x800x1000 mm.

200 m2 devoted to the assembly of mechanical sets

300 m2 devoted to manual operations and machines

Control and care in each and every phase of production
01. Programming
02. Tool room
03. Lathing
04. 3 and 4 axis milling
05. 5 axis milling
06. Manual operations3
07. Assembly
08. Quality control
09. Human team