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Research, Development and Innovation

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“Eagerness to learn” “Commitment to progress”

We are firmly committed to research and development, eager to continue acquiring experience and providing it to engineering offices, technology centres, universities and other companies. Together we further our capabilities and knowledge, enabling the execution of research projects that will determine our future.

These projects have enabled us to:

  • Machine small-sized parts with very strict dimensional requirements.
  • Acquire knowledge about the behaviour of components in terms of programming, strategies and cutting and metrology conditions to meet the requirements demanded of us.
  • Acquire knowledge about the behaviour of “exotic” materials and processes, strategies and ideal conditions for their machining.

With these challenges in mind we have participated in:



Analysis of output stages and optimisation of machining geometries for high capacity satellites in Q-band.


“Novel space communications system for new generation X-band satellites, formed by feed chain with double polarization”. Manufacture of the device under the standards and regulations of the European Space Agency (ESA).


“High frequency devices for communications satellites with advanced manufacturing”. In collaboration with the Microwave Components Group (MCG) of the Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA).


“Functional composites for the aerospace industry”: In collaboration with Hegan, Naitec and ESTIA.


“Routable components for small communications satellites”. Also in collaboration with the MCG of the UPNA.


Testing of new coatings for tools during the machining process of heat-resistant materials.


This company has received a 50% co-financed aid by the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF Operational Program 2014-2020